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Vital Link Chiropractic has been alleviating pain problems for patients that were thought to be beyond help.

Chiropractor Dr Matt Kriewall has made it his life goal to handle the 'impossible cases'. He knows that with appropriate chiropractic care your body can heal itself!

His devotion to bringing wellness to others and his persistence in bringing those in pain real and sustained relief has been an absolute boon for Fort Collins, Colorado patients.

Many of his patients had given up hope of finding relief from their persistent pain, until they found Dr. Matt.

Imagine stopping a degenerative process in its tracks. Maybe even reversing it. Now that's health that one can really hope to have.

Our Chiropractic Philosophy

By solving the 'impossible cases,' Dr. Matt has improved the day to day lives of once debilitated patients in Fort Collins and in Northern Colorado. Imagine what he can do for your twinges, aches and pains!

He is a custom chiropractor - that is: he tailors treatments and wellness plans to each individual patient, so that you have assurance that all your individual issues are taken into account.

You also know that your needs are going to be met...even ones you don't know about! The goal is to adjust, educate, and assist each patient on the path to total wellness using natural chiropractic methods. This approach to complete treatment will help everyone get on the path to whole wellness!

"Ignore your health and it will go away."

We are committed to individual care.
That means each patient gets the
attention and treatment that is just right for her or him.

Each patient is different and each aspect of life should be considered when treating a patient. Through a process of in-depth chiropractic examination and a full review of your health history, Vital Link Chiropractic takes the time to fully learn about your health concerns and needs. Treatment is then tailored specifically for you and the life that you lead.

Our commitment is to treating and educating you to lead a healthier, happier...better life.

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Are you suffering from
Back pain?
Neck pain?
Poor posture?
Carpal tunnel syndrome?
Disc injuries?
Wrist, ankle, shoulder or knee pain?

If so, a chiropractor examination can help put you on a path to pain-free, total body health.

When it comes to chiropractors in the Fort Collins, CO area, Vital Link Chiropractic is an outstanding choice.

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